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WCC Ep.45. Cooloola BioBlitz 2019

May 26, 2019

WCC is back out at Rainbow Beach for Cooloola BioBlitz 2019, organised by Cooloola Coast Care Inc. and the Fraser Island Defenders Organisation. Cooloola BioBlitz is a weekend of biological survey to record as many of the living species as possible in the Cooloola Sands region, and this second survey is sure to be a blast!

We chat with some of the awesome scientific team leaders and organisers about their weekend full of discoveries and citizen science action.

For more, check out@CooloolaBioBlitz and @CooloolaCoastcare on Facebook, or CooloolaCoastcare.org.au.

FIDO details can be found at @FraserIslandDefendersOrganisation.

You can also check out @iNaturalist on Facebook and Twitter, or iNaturalist.org

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