Wildlife, Cake And Cocktails

WCC Ep.50. Acid Frog Conservation with Alannah Filer, Debra Stark & Callum McKercher

September 16, 2019

We’re talking all things #Froggy with frog conservation scientists Alannah Filer, Debra Stark, and Callum McKercher! Alannah is a PhD student at the Uni of Queensland studying distribution mapping and bioacoustics in frogs, particularly the low pH specialized acid frogs. Debra, also at UQ, is involved in bioacoustic monitoring of acid frogs, education, and using technologies such as VR to bring students into the field. Callum is currently starting his PhD at Uni of New England, studying alpine wetland ecosystems near Armidale. Over some Surfer-On-Acid cocktails and froggy cupcakes, we discuss monitoring the threatened Acid Frogs, bioacoustics, and much more!

Check out some of Alannah’s work at Rhodesconservation.com and SpatialEcology.com

Follow Debra on Twitter at @debra_93

Follow Callum on Instagram at @calsphotography12

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