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WCC Ep.47. Bats: From Myth to Mystery with Prof. Stuart Parsons

June 13, 2019

WCC joins Prof. Stuart Parsons, zoologist and bat specialist from QUT, to chat all things batty before his presentation at the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland’s Brisbane Branch!

Prof. Parsons is the Head of School in Earth, Environment & Biological Sciences at the Queensland University of Technology. With a broad interest in sensory ecology & animal behaviour, his research ranges from auditory anatomy and biological sonar to mating systems, and more. Much of his work involves the bats of the world, but also insects, birds and whales, often with a focus on bioacoustics. He’s the May 2019 guest speaker at the WPSQ Bris Branch, presenting “Bats: from Myth to Majesty”.

Photo credit: Queensland University of Technology 

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