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WCC Ep.54. Brisbane Python Project with Chantelle Derez (Ft. Scott Eipper)

February 1, 2020

We’re out in the field with Chantelle “Chilli” Derez, PhD student studying urban snake ecology at the UQ Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, for the first #BrisbanePythonProjectBlitz! Chantelle is treasurer of the UQ Herpetological Society, a wildlife carer with Reptile Rehab QLD, and member of the SaveTheSnakes Advisory Committee. Her research is currently focussed on radio-tracking Carpet Pythons to understanding movement behaviour in natural and urban habitats. After discussing urban snake ecology, including issues with urban snake translocations and more, we join a group of keen herpetologists at a local wildlife reserve for the first #BrisbanePythonProject blitz, searching for more snakey-subjects for Chilli’s ongoing radio-tracking project.

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