Wildlife, Cake And Cocktails
WCC Ep.44. Black-throated finch with Dr. April Reside

WCC Ep.44. Black-throated finch with Dr. April Reside

April 7, 2019

We’re back on the WCC couch enjoying Purple Finch cocktails and poppy-seed cake talking Black-throated finches with Dr. April Reside from the Uni of Queensland!

Dr. Reside is a keen birder, ecologist, and conservation researcher with a focus on spatial modelling. She’s also a member of the Black Throated Finch Recovery Team and a Research & Conservation Committee member at BirdLifeAus.

We discuss Black-throated finch ecology and conservation challenges including habitat loss, land clearing, mining in the Galilee Basin, and much more.

You can follow Dr April Reside on Twitter @april_reside, and the BTF Recovery Team Website at blackthroatedfinch.com

New Research:

Hooper et al 2018. Sex chromosome inversions enforce reproductive isolation across an avian hybrid zone. Molecular Ecology.

Photo Credit: The University of Queensland

WCC Ep.43. New Spider Species from Cooloola BioBlitz with Robert Whyte

WCC Ep.43. New Spider Species from Cooloola BioBlitz with Robert Whyte

March 31, 2019

In this episode we chat with Queensland Museum’s Robert Whyte. Rob is a scientist, journalist, author, editor, photographer, and more, with a passion for Australian spiders. He was co-author of A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia, the most comprehensive account of Australian spiders ever published. Rob was the leader of the Spider Team at the 2018 Cooloola Bioblitz who discovered 37 species new species, making news across the globe.

He was guest speaker at the WPSQ Brisbane branch March 2019 presentation: “Citizens doing it for themselves – 2018 Cooloola BioBlitz – Beauty & mystery in new species”

You can follow Rob on Twitter@robertwhyte, and keep an eye out for his upcoming web series, Jolt Science TV at JoltScience.com.au

For more spider-goodness go to australasianarachnologicalsociety.org

More talks on the way from WPSQ Brisbane Branch on Facebook@WildlifeQueenslandBrisbaneBranch

Check out @CooloolaCoastcare for details on the next Cooloola BioBlitz in May 2019

WCC Ep.42. The Rakali with Cory Young

WCC Ep.42. The Rakali with Cory Young

March 15, 2019

We cross over to Tasmania to discuss the Rakali, AKA the Australian Water Rat with Cory Young! Cory has extensive experience in wildlife rehabilitation with a broad range of species including the Rakali and is the VP of the Tasmanian Wildlife Rehabilitation Council at TasWildlife.org. He has a passion for the Rakali and is strong advocate for these amazing, otter-like aquatic animals.

Check out @taswildlife, or follow Corey on IG@cyoung102, and keep an eye out for @RakaliAwarenessDayon February 18th.

WCC Ep.41. Wildlife Rehab: The Good, Bad & The Ugly with Chantelle Derez

WCC Ep.41. Wildlife Rehab: The Good, Bad & The Ugly with Chantelle Derez

March 1, 2019

We're back for another presentation from the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland with their guest speaker Chantelle Derez! Currently mid-PhD at the UQ Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, Chantelle is a keen herpetologist, UQ Herpetological Society Treasurer, member of Reptile Rehab QLD and wildlife carer. We discuss some pros and cons of wildlife rehab in Australia before her talk for the WPSQ's February Presentation - “Wildlife Rehabilitation; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.

Check out the Wildlife Preservation Society of QLD on Twitter@WildlifeQLD, Facebook@WildlifeQueensland, or at wildlife.org.au/ Follow all of Chantelle's snakey adventures on Twitter & Facebook @ChantelleDerez, and the UQ Herp Society on Twitter & Facebook @UQherp

You can find Reptile Rehab QLD on Twitter & Facebook@ReptileRehabQld, or reptilerehabilitationqld.org/



WCC Ep.40. Bats, Heatwaves, & Climate

WCC Ep.40. Bats, Heatwaves, & Climate

February 14, 2019

In this bat-centric episode, our summer-heatwave continues, as does our climate-change focus. We're joined by Maree Treadwell Kerr (@MareeTreadwellK) from the Australasian Bat Society (@AustralasianBatSociety, ausbats.org.au) to discuss heatwave impacts on fruit-bats, while sipping some Tropical Heat cocktails along with fruity bat-cupcakes. Join us for a detailed look at the heatwaves, heat stress events and mass die-offs, particularly in the Spectacled Flying Fox, before we dive into some batty New Research segments.

New Research:
McMichael et al. 2018 Hematology and Plasma Biochemistry of Wild Spectacled Flying Foxes (Pteropus conspicillatus) in Australia. J of Wildlife Diseases. Doi: 10.7589/2018-04-096

Giles et al. 2018 Environmental drivers of spatiotemporal foraging intensity in fruit bats and implications for Hendra virus ecology. Scientific Reports 8:9555

WCC Ep.39. RantCast: Climate, Heatwaves, Bats, And Fish

WCC Ep.39. RantCast: Climate, Heatwaves, Bats, And Fish

January 31, 2019

Happy 2019! For our first show of the year we're trying something different. In these new RantCast segments, my producer Kristian and I discuss a current topic in wildlife, environment, or conservation. We'd love your comments below, make sure to follow and subscribe to join the discussion in future shows!

In this episode, we discuss the ongoing summer heatwaves we're experiencing this in Australia. Specifically, we cover the impacts and mass die-offs of fruit-bats in around the country. We also discuss the concurrent mass fish deaths in the Menindee Lakes region, the process of eutrophication in Australian rivers, and potential mismanagement of the Murray-Darling River system.

WCC Ep.38. Bees of Australia with James Dorey and Olivia Davies

WCC Ep.38. Bees of Australia with James Dorey and Olivia Davies

December 18, 2018

NEW #WCC!! We're back on the couch with James Dorey and Olivia Davies to talk native Australian bees

James is completing his PhD at Flinders University and the South Australian Museum in Adelaide. Despite the workload, he recently released the stunningly beautiful Bees of Australia – A Photographic Exploration through @CSIROPublishing. He's currently travelling the east coast as part of his book tour and to conduct field research. He is joined by partner and fellow bee/Wolbachia researcher Olivia Davies, also a PhD student at Flinders University.

Over some honey-cake and mead-based cocktails, we discuss Australia's diverse native bee fauna, the importance of pollinators, and of-course, the incredible macro-photgraphy in James' new book. Check out JamesDoreyPhotography.com.au, or JamesDoreyPhotography on social media.

Bees of Australia – A Photographic Exploration by James Dorey is now out, a great early/late Christmas present, available from bookstores at or @CSIROPublishing (publish.csiro.au)

WCC Ep.37. Powerful Owls, Ziplines, Tourism Development: Conflict at Mt Coot-Tha

WCC Ep.37. Powerful Owls, Ziplines, Tourism Development: Conflict at Mt Coot-Tha

December 10, 2018

We're back on the #WCC couch for a special episode with @Cesar Puechmarin from @blueshroomstudiosand @Jasmine Zelený from @Faunagraphic. We're talking about the new short film “Owls on the Line”, covering Mount Coot-tha's #PowerfulOwls, currently at risk from zip-line development here in Brisbane.   We talk about the potential impacts of this development on owls, eco-tourism ethics, and more.

We also discuss current development plans threatening feeding habitat for Eastern Curlews and more in RAMSAR protected wetlands at Brisbane 's Toondah Harbour. Check out “Owls on the Line” from @blueshroomstudios below, or at blueshroomstudios.com.au youtu.be/9LXD3NPcKw8 For more info got to mountcoot-thazipline.org

For submission regarding the development, go to michaelberkman.com.au/zipline-submission, closing by December 14th 2018 so make your submission soon and contact your local MP!

You can also follow @Faunagraphic at @_Faunagrpahic on Instagram, or go to Faunagraphic.com.au

WCC Ep.36. Brisbane Powerful Owls with Faunagraphic

WCC Ep.36. Brisbane Powerful Owls with Faunagraphic

December 9, 2018

We're back out in the forests of Brisbane searching for the Powerful Owl with Faunagraphic! The Faunagraphic crew, namely Matt Wright, wildlife photographer and owl conservationist, and wildlife scientist Jasmine Zelený, take us on a secretive night-time walk through the woods.

While searching for a known Powerful Owl breeding pair and their chicks, we also find some other fantastic nocturnal creatures. Along the way we discuss Powerful Owl ecology, conservation, and more.

You can find Faunagraphic's Birds of the Night video here youtu.be/Tz2Rtw51FY8

We also recommend checking out the fantastic short film “Owls on the Line” from @blueshroomstudios, about Mount Coot-tha's Powerful Owls, currently at risk from development youtu.be/9LXD3NPcKw8

Follow all the owl-y adventures at Faunagraphic.com.au, @Faunagraphic on Facebook, @_Faunagrpahic on Instagram. You can also join Birdlife.org.au or Ebird.org to get involved in Australian bird-based citizen science. More WCC on the way!

Cheers folks

WCC Ep.35. FrogID Week Field Show with Scott Eipper, Nicholas Wu & Callum McKercher

WCC Ep.35. FrogID Week Field Show with Scott Eipper, Nicholas Wu & Callum McKercher

November 19, 2018

November 9-18 2018 was #FrogIDWeek. Over 40,000 frog-calls have been recorded so far by FrogID and submitted to the team at the Australian Museum, an incredible effort! We headed out #frogging in Main Range on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. Specifically, we were searching for the Red and Yellow Mountain Frog, Philora kundagungan. This amazing little frog is endangered and restricted to this isolated, sub-tropical mountain region, so is quite the challenge to locate. In this amazing environment, we were sure to find plenty of other cool creatures along the way.

Luckily, we had herpetologist Scott Eipper from Nature4You leading the way, as well as frog biologists Nicholas Wu & Callum McKercher from the UQ Herpetological Society. Lots of incredible field finds and froggy discussions coming up!

Massive congrats to the team at #FrogID#AustralianMuseum, and everyone who submitted a frog call!! Awesome way to get involved and do some #CitizenScience for our #froggy friends Get the app and join the fun at FrogID.net.au

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